A New Direct Model that Maximizes Your Profit-Making Ability


By going direct to the decision maker for your next bid, performance and payment bond you’ll benefit from:

    • Faster bonds
    • Efficient approval process
    • Lower prices
    • Guidance to improve
    • Complete confidentiality
    • Absolute trust

At Direct Surety, we’re dedicated to your success and determined to meet all your contract surety bond needs!

Additional Videos

Why Empire Engineering & Construction, Inc. GOES DIRECT

Clifton Burch, President of Empire Engineering & Construction, Inc. selected Direct Surety, citing direct relationship with the decision maker and new way to obtain construction bonds. Empire is a well-respected, ten-year-old San Francisco firm that has completed more than 150 public and private projects in the Bay Area.

The Direct Surety Vision – Empowering Contractors

Founder and president, David Druml, shares his vision for Direct Surety, changing the construction industry and empowering contractors to grow their business by offering a new way to obtain surety bonds.

Why Townsend Management GOES DIRECT (LONG – 2:14)

Zamir Zuraek, President and CEO of Townsend Management explains how no broker means you deal directly with the decision maker who understands construction and bonding.

No Broker — Get Surety Bonds Without the Hassle

Getting the highest surety credit limits and best pricing takes the right combination of knowledge, expertise and a truly direct relationship with the decision maker. At Direct Surety, we put the bonding needs of growing contractors first, working with all types of construction companies with a variety of requirements.