“Saying we appreciate Direct Surety doesn’t really convey how much we value the help they provide to our business. They were invaluable in enabling us to successfully bid our next project.”

Ken Crane of Crane Excavating
Seminole, Oklahoma

“I used to rely on broker networks for my surety bonds, but I often felt they put the ‘squeeze’ on me and were not particularly interested or knowledgeable about my business. Instead, with Direct Surety, I am working directly with the underwriter who not only helps me get bonds quickly and at the best price, but also identifies potential risks in my business. I recommend that other contractors pick up the phone, spend five minutes with Direct Surety, and educate themselves about the advantages of going direct to obtain bid, performance and payment bonds.”

Craig Bjorkman of JKL Construction
San Mateo, California

“Direct Surety’s underwriting team is very consumer focused and they should be proud of the direct model they are offering to contractors across the country.”

Tony Fowler of DS Restoration
Phoenix, Arizona

“I like working with people who know my name and know my type of business. I like working with people who care. Working with Direct Surety is all that and more. Working with, and being able to talk with the underwriter, is crucial when securing bonds.”

David Flory of Flory Construction
San Leandro, California

“Working with Direct Surety is like working with family. They know the construction industry and speak our language, and we even know some of the same people. And because we work directly with Direct Surety as our underwriter, instead of going through a middleman, we were able to get our surety bond in record time. Our plan is to continue to use Direct Surety for our surety bonds from now on.”

Zamir Zuraek of Townsend Management
San Francisco, California

“Direct Surety offered me a whole new way of obtaining surety bonds. Instead of my broker acting as a middleman, going back and forth between me and the surety, I was able to work directly with the decision maker. By switching to Direct Surety, we were able to explain our business and track record directly to the underwriter and obtain the credit and guidance we needed to grow our business. Direct Surety’s ERM program has completely changed the way I manage my business. I know exactly how to calculate and control my risks, whether they are in salaries, inventory, equipment, insurance, taxes or the many other variables that can sink a construction business.”

Clifton Burch of Empire Engineering & Construction
Oakland, California