Know Thy Equipment

Too often, contractors with significant equipment inventory use industry standard rental rates for anticipated equipment usage instead of actual costs when preparing a bid—a practice that could cause you to lose a job in today’s tight bidding environment. Using industry standard rental rates simply does not take advantage of the potentially lower cost of owned […]


A Fist Full of IOUs

More construction businesses fail from the lack of cash due to poor cash management than from “bad” jobs—it’s a fact. One of the main causes of poor cash management is the ineffective collection of receivables. Your ability to survive—and even grow—in this industry demands that you get paid in a timely manner. Timely means getting […]


Congratulations! You’re Broke.

Mismanagement of Cash Flow — At Direct Surety, we have had the opportunity to work with many successful construction organizations. We’ve also worked with a few not so successful companies that should have been. The main cause of these business flops has almost always been their rocket-like success and then the sudden discovery they’ve run out […]


Where’s Waldo

Lack of Inventory Control — Over the past 30 years in construction, there have been countless times when I’d meet a job foreman wandering around the shop or yard muttering, “I know we have it out here somewhere.” He’d look and look for that misplaced tool, a section of steel plate or even a backhoe. “Where […]


Navigational Aids to Avoid a Project Crash

Inconsistent Tracking of Job Costs — Give some consideration to the premise that a project plan and schedule is comparable to a flight plan. Without a flight plan, which includes the process of following specific rules and the use of flight deck navigational aids intended to help guide the aircraft safely to its intended destination, […]